Portescap in Motion

DC Motors for Missile Fin Actuation Systems

Sustainability in Motion at Portescap

Miniature Motors Power Ivenix's Large Volume Infusion Pump

Dedicated Brushless DC Geared Motor for Pruning Shears Applications

Introducing Portescap's Latest 20mm and 32mm Flat Brushless Slotted Motors

Motor Technology Options for Handheld Electronic Pipettes

The Importance of Safety and Quality When Selecting a Motion Supplier

Estimate Brush DC Motor Reliability With Confidence

Meet AREBO, a Collaboration of Innovation

The Benefits of Engineer-to-Engineer Collaboration in the Motion Control Industry

Motion System Options for HVAC Gas Valve Actuators

Motion System Selection Considerations for Wheeled Robots

Tips to Avoid Stepper Motor Resonance Problems

Understand What Factors Influence the Stall Torque of a Brushless DC Motor

Key Concepts For Running a Brushed DC Motor as a Generator

Voice of the Customer Program Announces New  Innovative Motion Products Sparked by Customer Insights

How To Select a DC Motor Coil Based on the Required Working Point and Power Supply

National Clean Off Your Desk Day - Let's Talk About 5S!

Motor Technology Selection: Evaluation Factors

Customized & Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors

Understand the Effect of PWM When Controlling a Brushless DC Motor

Advantages of Gearheads: What to Choose and Why

Switzerland R&D Prototyping Capabilities

Coreless Brush DC Motor Controls Nutrient Flow for Medical Feeding Pumps

Efficiency and Power Density Redefined in Harsh Surgical Environments

DC Motors with Electromagnetic Compatibility  (EMC)

Role of Tribology in Performance of Miniaturized Electrical Motors

New Engineering Lab at Portescap Now Open

What to look for in a Miniature Motor when Designing your Next Robotic Application

Choosing a Motor for Electronic Pipettes

Reducing Surgical Hand Tool Size Without Sacrificing Performance

Brushless DC Motion Solutions for Medical Disposable Tools

Mini Motors for Drone Applications

Commutated Resistance Change of DC Motors

Sterilizable Encoders and BLDC Motors Drive Surgical Hand Tool Advances

Controlling Brushed DC Motors with Pulsed-width Modulation (PWM)

Improve Your Solar Panel Cleaning Robot TCO with DC Coreless Motors & Gearheads

Experimental Approach For Solving Side Band Noise of Miniature Planetary Gearbox

Delivering the Ultimate Motor for Craniotomy Hand Tools

Bipolar Drives and Unipolar Drives for Stepper Motors: A Comparison

Encoders Provide Motor Speed and Position Control

Stepper Motors for Medical Applications

Engage Early with Motor Suppliers to Drive the Right Strategic Decisions

Running DMM Motors in BLDC Mode

Selecting the Optimum Flat Motor Technologies For Your Application

Motor Selection Tips: Understanding Thermal Parameters of DC Motors

Podiatry Done Right: Ironless Brushless DC Motors for Foot Care Devices

Why Use an Electromagnetic Brake with Your Electric DC Motor?

Portescap Motor Technology in Healthcare Simulators

Differential Compact Drives

Motion in Dental Applications

40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Powered Surgical Tool Reliability: Protecting Against Moisture and Corrosion

Convert Rotary Motion Into Linear Motion With These Options

Portescap Design Partnership Among Multiple Stakeholders

Portescap E-Store – Mini Motor Purchasing Available On-Line

Ultra EC Ideal Solution for Battery-Operated Power Tool

Miniature Motor Selection on Demand

Lower Surgical Hand Tool Costs Without Sacrificing Reliability

U-Coil Technology

The Ultra EC Family

How to Select a Mini Motor Technology for Your Surgical Device Design

Precision Motors for Medical Infusion Systems

Brushless DC Motors Achieve ISO 13485 Certification

Motor Sterility Management: Protecting vs. Autoclaving

How to Optimize Your Product or Device Output

Brush DC and Stepper Technologies for Security and Locking Devices

Motion Considerations for Motorized Multi-function Surgical Power Tools

Seeing beyond what's in the catalogue

Dual Motion Can Stack Actuator

Driving DC Brushed Motors

Brushless DC Motors Let You Avoid Having To Compromise On Performance For Low Voltage Battery Powered Tools

Why An Encoder?

Fight COVID-19 Together

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for Your Application: Motor Decision Table

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for Your Application: Type

Ultra EC High Performance Motors  For Battery-Operated Power Tools

Meet Our Newest Innovation: Ultra EC™ Proprietary Coil

Meet The Family: Ultra EC Brushless Motors

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application: Duty Cycle

Day of Caring: Innovation from Within

Experience How Portescap Surgical Motors Team Can Help You Find Solutions!

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Accuracy

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Mechanical Envelope

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Lifetime

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Torque

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Speed

A Balancing Act

Portescap's Look into the Past, Present and Future

New Year, New Look: Portescap Remodels Their Facility In West Chester, Pennsylvania

Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for Your Application

Learn More - Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors - Videos

Application Torque Range

Portescap Joins the Altra Team

Power Density Increases Performance

DC Coreless Speed vs. Torque Curves

The Additional Benefits of Partnership

Portescap Partners with Home of the Sparrow to Help Underprivileged Families

Collaborative Innovation: Partnering with Portescap

Why Efficiency Is Important

Portescap's Contribution to the "Make in India" Initiative

Portescap's European Office is on the Move

Spring into Motion with the New 30ECT BLDC Motor

High Speed Linear Actuators

Portescap’s Brushless Slotted DC Motor Testing Capabilities

MotionCompass – Selecting the “right” motor for your application

Understanding Speed-Torque Characteristics of Miniature DC Motors (Part 3 of 3)

Understanding Speed-Torque Characteristics of Miniature DC Motors (Part 2 of 3)

Understanding Speed-Torque Characteristics of Miniature DC Motors (Part 1 of 3)

Miniature Disc Magnet Motors for Textile Applications

Miniature Motors for Biopsy Systems and Radiation Treatment

Miniature Motors for Valve Actuation

Miniature Motors for Medical Devices and Dispensing Systems

Portescap Introduces New P532 Motor Series for Best-in-class Power Rate and Acceleration

Miniature Motors for Medical Ventilation

Stepper Linear Actuators Simplified

Miniature Motor Driveline Solutions for Aerospace Applications

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