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Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors

Posted by Daniel Muller   Dec 20, 2021   0 Comments

Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors

Electric motor manufacturers must ensure that a motor’s instant internal temperature never exceeds its various components’ maximum allowable temperature. Depending on the design of the motor and the materials used, thermal phenomena will dictate the motor’s performance. Motor designers typically have two options to enhance motor performance without overheating and damaging its components: increase power conversion efficiency by generating less heat for a given mechanical power output or improve the motor's cooling capability through heat dissipation.

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What to look for in a Miniature Motor when Designing your Next Robotic Application

Posted by Portescap   Oct 20, 2021   0 Comments

What to look for in a Miniature Motor When Designing Your Next Robotic Application

Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are driving innovation in robotics. New developments in vision systems and sensor technologies require inventive applications for robots in the medical, warehousing, security and process automaton fields. These disruptive technologies are are creating new opportunities for miniature motors in the medical, warehousing, security and process automation fields.

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Topics: Automation, Robotics, electric motors, brushed DC motors, brushless DC coreless

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