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Selecting the Optimum Flat Motor Technologies For Your Application

Posted by Sunil Kumar   Jul 15, 2021   0 Comments

Selecting the Optimum Flat Motor Technologies For Your Application

Many applications today have critical space constraints and require flat motor solutions. However it is not always obvious what technology would work best in this type of situation while still being able to meet performance requirements. Typically, the speed-torque criteria can help provide a guide on what technology may be optimal for the given application. Let’s explore the various technologies available for flat motors depending on design requirements.

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Differential Compact Drives

Posted by Vivek Salve   Jun 10, 2021   0 Comments

Motor Innovations: Differential Compact Drives

What is the need for new gearing technologies?

Miniature motion technology demands flexibility as well as compactness with higher power and efficiency. Conventional gear technologies have some limitations which restricts the development of new concepts. One such new concept is a “Differential Compact Drive” which differentiates with other concepts in such that it provides high reduction, high efficiency, lower noise, and a compact length gearbox. Before reviewing the advantages of this new concept lets first review the limitations of Conventional Planetary systems.

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