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Advantages of Gearheads: What to Choose and Why

Posted by Chris Schaefer   Dec 13, 2021

Advantages of Gearheads:  What to Choose and Why

We know that the purpose of a motor is to provide a certain amount of power to produce a specified amount of speed and torque. In applications requiring a large torque load at slow speeds, it is more economical to use a gear motor (aka gearhead) rather than a large enough motor to provide the specified torque. The gearhead  is mounted on the front end of the motor and specific gearing provides the overall speed and output torque. There are various types of gearhead technologies. Here, we will focus on Spur compound and Planetary.   Spur gears are designed with the concept of having only one transmission point per train.

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Topics: gearhead, spur, planetary technology, gear performance, gearmotor, spur compound

Experimental Approach For Solving Side Band Noise of Miniature Planetary Gearbox

Posted by Pradeep Deshmane   Sep 16, 2021

Experimental Approach For Solving Side Band Noise of Miniature Planetary Gearbox

Vibration and noise spectra from miniature planetary transmissions commonly exhibit components at distinct frequencies around the gear mesh (tooth passing) frequency and its higher harmonics, called modulation sidebands. They constitute a significant portion of the vibration and noise generated by the transmission. Sidebands have influence on noise quality measures as well as having great potential to provide valuable clues regarding gear tooth combinations, phasing of planets, manufacturing errors like eccentricity, run out present in the gear set, planet pin position error, etc.

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Topics: gearhead, side band noise

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