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Motion System Options for HVAC Gas Valve Actuators

Posted by Mahesh Dundage   Feb 21, 2022

Motion System Options for HVAC Gas Valve Actuators

In HVAC systems that provide heat for enclosed spaces, gas and liquid flow must be controlled and metered accurately using sensing and modulating elements such as flow control valves or isolation valves. Some control valves are opened and closed manually at the valve stem, while electronic valves incorporate an actuator to move the stem with control from a motor and drive system. Designers have three motor types to choose from, depending on the application requirements. Here’s a summary of the motion system options:

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Customized & Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

Posted by Krishna Kumar   Jan 05, 2022

Customized and Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

If you have to regulate HVAC system airflow on a constant basis, you’ll need automatic dampers with electric or pneumatic motors that can be controlled by a thermostat or building automation system. When designing an external mount electric damper actuator for an HVAC system, it’s important to review considerations in order to create the best motor-damper combination.

When evaluating a miniature motor to pair with an actuator, keep in mind that it may need to be customized. Ask yourself the following questions:

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