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Customized & Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

Posted by Krishna Kumar   Jan 05, 2022

Customized and Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

If you have to regulate HVAC system airflow on a constant basis, you’ll need automatic dampers with electric or pneumatic motors that can be controlled by a thermostat or building automation system. When designing an external mount electric damper actuator for an HVAC system, it’s important to review considerations in order to create the best motor-damper combination.

When evaluating a miniature motor to pair with an actuator, keep in mind that it may need to be customized. Ask yourself the following questions:

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Engage Early with Motor Suppliers to Drive the Right Strategic Decisions

Posted by Portescap   Aug 26, 2021

Engage Early with Motor Suppliers for Strategic Decisions that Meet Timelines and Enhance Product Performance

Medical device companies are under extreme pressure to deliver new or improved products ahead of the competition. Engaging with specialist suppliers at the very earliest stages of product design can help medical OEMs maintain a competitive edge.

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Portescap Motor Technology in Healthcare Simulators

Posted by Chris Schaefer   Jun 15, 2021

Portescap Motor Technology in Healthcare Simulators

Healthcare simulators are sophisticated training tools for medical professionals that resemble actual patients exhibiting various medical conditions.

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Topics: Custom motors, Medical, Stepper Motors

Differential Compact Drives

Posted by Vivek Salve   Jun 10, 2021

Motor Innovations: Differential Compact Drives

What is the need for new gearing technologies?

Miniature motion technology demands flexibility as well as compactness with higher power and efficiency. Conventional gear technologies have some limitations which restricts the development of new concepts. One such new concept is a “Differential Compact Drive” which differentiates with other concepts in such that it provides high reduction, high efficiency, lower noise, and a compact length gearbox. Before reviewing the advantages of this new concept lets first review the limitations of Conventional Planetary systems.

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Topics: miniature motors, Custom motors, Brush DC Motors

Convert Rotary Motion Into Linear Motion With These Options

Posted by Clemence Muron   May 11, 2021

When it comes to motion for handheld and miniature medical device designs, a standard electrical mini motor may seem like a good starting point. But while a miniature motor generates rotary movement, applications like medical pipettes or syringes, and mesotherapy devices often move loads linearly instead of rotationally. For these medical tools as well as some industrial devices, engineers must develop their own system to translate rotary motion into linear motion. Here are some of the basics to understand when considering your linear motion options.

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Seeing beyond what's in the catalogue

Posted by Valentin Raschke   Nov 16, 2020

Seeing beyond what's in the catalogue: Why it's important to get in touch with Portescap

Finding the right motor can be a challenge. Often a product catalog only lists a selection of available motors and coils, so the ideal solution can't be found by browsing through available standard options. Some motor manufacturers offer customizations, which require time and money to be invested and might not always be an option depending on the size of the project.

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The Additional Benefits of Partnership

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Aug 02, 2018

As discussed in our collaboration post, early engagement leads to customized motors that are optimized for your application, but additional benefits can be realized utilizing Portescap’s Engineering expertise. Discussions will focus on the motor solution but routinely extend to the sub-assembly where the motor will reside. These early meetings can resolve challenges an Engineer may face around material selection and additional mechanical components.

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Collaborative Innovation: Partnering with Portescap

Posted by Portescap   Jul 25, 2018

We know that sometimes the best solution for your application isn’t standard and that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why Portescap engineers are always willing to go to the drawing board to customize a motion solution that is a perfect fit for your application.
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