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DC Motors for Missile Fin Actuation Systems

Posted by Praveen Ghadi   Apr 28, 2022

DC Motors for Missile Fin Actuation Systems

Missile systems require precision control to navigate and intercept targets while being exposed to extreme environments, including wide temperature ranges and heavy vibrations. Within the larger missile system is the missile fin actuation system, which oversees the movement and positioning of the missile fins (also known as control fins) in response to the steering commands from the flight computer. Miniaturized, lightweight technologies are essential to improving the maneuverability of these mission-critical systems, as when a missile is launched, these control fins position the trajectory of the missile towards the intended target.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense, DC motors

Mini Motors for Drone Applications

Posted by Vishal Sapale   Oct 01, 2021

Motors for Drone Applications

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, as they are generally known, are becoming more common. This technology is adding value in many markets including aerospace and defense, agriculture, surveillance and even e-commerce.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense

Miniature Motors for Valve Actuation

Posted by Anant Bhalerao   Jan 27, 2016

An expansion valve is a flow-restricting device present in a refrigeration system that causes a pressure drop of the working fluid. The valve needle remains open during steady-state of operation. The size of the opening or the position of the needle is related to pressure and temperature of the evaporator. When set and controlled properly, an expansion valve will keep the evaporator active throughout its operation.  There are two types of electric expansion valve technologies popular in the market place - pulse width modulated valves, and stepper motor driven valves.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense, Instrumentation, Stepper Motors

Miniature Motor Driveline Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Posted by Jigar Fulia   Oct 15, 2015

The technology world is rapidly adapting to miniaturization, with terms like “Micro”, “Nano” and even “Pico” increasingly in vogue. This has created an immense need for anything that can provide packaged products in smallest possible sizes, and miniature motor solutions play a critical role in addressing this need. With a growing number of applications, these motors now need a wide range of capabilities, from working in a simple office to functioning in extremely hazardous environments. An application demand from Aerospace & Defense (A & D) industry falls in the latter category. Stepper motors play an important role for any A&D application need that requires some precise positioning.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense

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