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Jigar Fulia

Jigar Fulia has been with Portescap since 2008. He currently serves as Manager – Engineering for Portescap’s DC Motor and Gearbox product offerings.

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Miniature Motor Driveline Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Posted by Jigar Fulia   Oct 15, 2015   0 Comments

The technology world is rapidly adapting to miniaturization, with terms like “Micro”, “Nano” and even “Pico” increasingly in vogue. This has created an immense need for anything that can provide packaged products in smallest possible sizes, and miniature motor solutions play a critical role in addressing this need. With a growing number of applications, these motors now need a wide range of capabilities, from working in a simple office to functioning in extremely hazardous environments. An application demand from Aerospace & Defense (A & D) industry falls in the latter category. Stepper motors play an important role for any A&D application need that requires some precise positioning.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense