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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Lifetime

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Jul 19, 2019   0 Comments

The next factor we will consider is the lifetime requirement of the motion system.  How many cycles must the motion system execute within the life of the product?  How many hours does that require from the motion system?

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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Torque

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Jun 28, 2019   0 Comments

The next factor we will consider is the output torque requirement of the motion system.  What is the continuous torque requirement during operation?  Is there a peak torque for a limited time that needs to be considered?  Is the safety margin enough to compensate for the other factors in the application? 

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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for your Application Series: Speed

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Jun 06, 2019   0 Comments

One of the first factors to consider in your new product development is the output speed requirement of the motion system.  How fast does the motor need to rotate to drive the mechanism in the application?  And are there various speeds that need to be accommodated?  There are some general guidelines that will help you narrow down the technologies to consider:

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A Balancing Act

Posted by Christina Heston and Nate Schutte   May 16, 2019   1 Comments

What is rotor balancing?

Rotor balancing is the process of bringing the mass center axis of a rotor in line with the rotor’s shaft axis, within certain industry balance standards. A rotor, balanced or unbalanced, wants to revolve around its mass center axis. The balancing process brings these two axes together. As illustrated below, when the mass that causes the imbalance is removed, the two axes merge.


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Portescap's Look into the Past, Present and Future

Posted by Miranda Grueiro   May 02, 2019   0 Comments

The Past

From Portescap’s inception in 1959 to 2000 there were countless innovations and moves all over the world. It goes without saying that the start of our continuous improvement business system, could not have flourished without the vision created during this time. In March 20001, American Precision Industries (API), later to be na

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New Year, New Look: Portescap Remodels Their Facility In West Chester, Pennsylvania

Posted by Sandra Mehdian   Mar 01, 2019   0 Comments

Over the past few months, our Portescap office in West Chester, Pennsylvania went through some major renovations! We worked hard in 2018 organizing, planning, and researching to transform our manufacturing floor. Our office focused on upgrades that will give us the best productivity and while meeting the needs of our growing team.

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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for Your Application

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Feb 15, 2019   0 Comments

As a design engineer, there is always excitement when you get to work on new product development. But when you get to the motion portion of the design, there are several technologies to consider, primarily Brushless DC, Coreless DC and Stepper. Which technology is best and where do you start? The challenge can be difficult as there are several factors to consider including output speed, torque, lifetime, mechanical envelope, noise, weight, cost and precision. It is not practical to analyze, purchase and test multiple technologies as this would be expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there are guidelines that can assist in the initial review of the different technologies to narrow the selection.  

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Learn More - Ultra EC Brushless DC Motors - Videos

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Jan 14, 2019   0 Comments

Portescap invites you to learn about the Ultra EC Brushless DC motors, which contain three optimizations to meet all application requirements. These two videos from Design World cover the 16ECP, balanced performance between torque and speed, and the 22ECS, optimized for speed and responsiveness.

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Application Torque Range

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Dec 19, 2018   0 Comments

In our blog post DC Coreless Speed vs Torque Curves, we talked about how to read speed vs torque curves and the linear relationship of speed and torque for a DC motor.  When comparing speed vs torque curves for various motors, the range of torque required in the application should be identified to ensure a proper comparison.  The curves will show the torque capability of the motor over the entire speed range, but the application torque range is typically limited to a narrow band.

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Portescap Joins the Altra Team

Posted by Sandra Mehdian   Nov 22, 2018   0 Comments

Portescap is pleased to announce, along with Kollmorgen, Thomson, and Jacobs Vehicle Systems that we are now part of Altra Industrial Motion Corp (NASDAQ: AIMC), making Altra a global leader in the power transmission and motion control market.

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