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Voice of the Customer Program Announces New  Innovative Motion Products Sparked by Customer Insights

Posted by Portescap   Jan 17, 2022   0 Comments

Voice of the Customer Program Announces New Innovative Motion Products Sparked by Customer Insights 

The Portescap Voice of the Customer program harnesses our customers’ technical insights and turns them into innovative motion products that solve complex problems for critical applications. Customer collaborations have sparked many new Portescap product technologies, and all of them are 100 percent customizable. We are pleased to announce these innovative new products inspired by customer feedback:

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How To Select a DC Motor Coil Based on the Required Working Point and Power Supply

Posted by Valentin Raschke   Jan 14, 2022   0 Comments

How To Select a DC Motor Coil Based on the Required Working Point and Power Supply 

Although DC motors have a common operating principle, many applications — including portable medical devices like infusion pumps — require one that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy with the highest efficiency to achieve a long, reliable service life. This is typically where an ironless DC motor comes in.
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National Clean Off Your Desk Day - Let's Talk About 5S!

Posted by Nyoka Giles   Jan 10, 2022   0 Comments

National Clean Off Your Desk Day - Let's talk about 5S!

Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day and it’s a great time to reassess your workspace and organize any chaos and clutter. At Portescap, we’ve determined that the 5S tool is the best tool to help restore order to your desk and create an efficient workspace. 5S is a foundation of the Altra Business System, our set of tools that helps us drive towards satisfying the customer needs.

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Motor Technology Selection: Evaluation Factors

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Jan 10, 2022   0 Comments

Motor Technology Selection: Evaluation Factors

Motors are usually an indispensable element of an application’s motion system. However, selecting the motor is rarely straightforward. Motor technologies all have characteristics that can impact a design in different ways, and  will determine whether you choose a brushless DC, coreless DC or stepper motor. Here are some key considerations to help you choose an optimal motor for your application.

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Topics: Portescap, Brushless DC motors, precision, peak torque, periodic duty cycle, coreless DC, motor technology, product development, speed, lifetime, mechanical envelope, duty cycle

Customized & Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

Posted by Krishna Kumar   Jan 05, 2022   0 Comments

Customized and Reliable Stepper Motors Address HVAC Damper Application Extremes

If you have to regulate HVAC system airflow on a constant basis, you’ll need automatic dampers with electric or pneumatic motors that can be controlled by a thermostat or building automation system. When designing an external mount electric damper actuator for an HVAC system, it’s important to review considerations in order to create the best motor-damper combination.

When evaluating a miniature motor to pair with an actuator, keep in mind that it may need to be customized. Ask yourself the following questions:

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Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors

Posted by Daniel Muller   Dec 20, 2021   0 Comments

Improve Thermal Performance for Ironless Brush DC and Brushless DC Motors

Electric motor manufacturers must ensure that a motor’s instant internal temperature never exceeds its various components’ maximum allowable temperature. Depending on the design of the motor and the materials used, thermal phenomena will dictate the motor’s performance. Motor designers typically have two options to enhance motor performance without overheating and damaging its components: increase power conversion efficiency by generating less heat for a given mechanical power output or improve the motor's cooling capability through heat dissipation.

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Understand the Effect of PWM When Controlling a Brushless DC Motor

Posted by Matthieu Bouat   Dec 15, 2021   0 Comments

Understand the Effect of PWM When Controlling a Brushless DC Motor

Designers of motion systems often face challenges when selecting or developing electronics using pulse width modulation (PWM) to drive brushless DC motors. To avoid unexpected performance issues, it’s important to understand some of the basic concepts.

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Advantages of Gearheads: What to Choose and Why

Posted by Chris Schaefer   Dec 13, 2021   0 Comments

Advantages of Gearheads:  What to Choose and Why

We know that the purpose of a motor is to provide a certain amount of power to produce a specified amount of speed and torque. In applications requiring a large torque load at slow speeds, it is more economical to use a gear motor (aka gearhead) rather than a large enough motor to provide the specified torque. The gearhead  is mounted on the front end of the motor and specific gearing provides the overall speed and output torque. There are various types of gearhead technologies. Here, we will focus on Spur compound and Planetary.   Spur gears are designed with the concept of having only one transmission point per train.

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Topics: gearhead, spur, planetary technology, gear performance, gearmotor, spur compound

Switzerland R&D Prototyping Capabilities

Posted by Samuel Klein   Nov 30, 2021   0 Comments

A Historical Swiss R&D Center to Develop Performance-Critical Miniature Motors

Founded in 1931 in Switzerland as The Universal Escapement Ltd., Portescap was devoted exclusively to manufacturing products for the clock and watch industry. Our company became quickly famous for the Incabloc shock absorber system which was breakthrough for mechanical watches designs.  

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Coreless Brush DC Motor Controls Nutrient Flow for Medical Feeding Pumps

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Nov 26, 2021   0 Comments

A Case Study for Infusion Systems: Coreless Brush DC Motor Controls Nutrient Flow for Medical Feeding Pumps

Enteral feeding pumps are medical devices with a built-in tube used to deliver nutrients directly to the stomach of patients who are unable to safely consume food by mouth. The motor systems in these small, lightweight devices must also deliver sufficient torque to ensure continuous flow. The pumps also must be able to adjust flow rates — depending on the nutrition formula and patient needs — with accuracy and precision.

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Topics: Coreless brush DC motor, medical pump, enteral feeding pump, mini motor

Efficiency and Power Density Redefined in Harsh Surgical Environments

Posted by Anil Alex   Nov 10, 2021   0 Comments

Efficiency and Power Density Redefined in Harsh Surgical Environments

Since the advent of civilization, the art of motion has been a critical part of human life in the quest to save, improve, and enhance lives. With advances in technology, motors are playing a very important part in our day to day lives, at times very subtly without our knowledge. Technology has helped improve motor power density and has enabled usage in various applications that once used pneumatic controls. OEM’s around the world developing motion applications in medical and industrial markets require the best power density, efficiency, and reduced envelope with lowered overall cost of ownership.

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Topics: Surgical Motor Solutions, Brushless DC motors, motors for surgical hand tools

DC Motors with Electromagnetic Compatibility  (EMC)

Posted by Pradeep Ghadi   Nov 08, 2021   0 Comments

                                 DC Motors with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

In today’s technological world of electronic systems, we deal with a lot of electrical frequencies and currents. There are many electronic systems fitted in proximity. All these electronic systems generate electromagnetic interference or EMI.

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Topics: electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic noise, decoupling capacitors, low EMI motion solution, Electromagnetic interference, EMI, EMC, radiated noise, arcing, conductive emissions, chokes suppression

Role of Tribology in Performance of Miniaturized Electrical Motors

Posted by Amol Ridhore   Nov 03, 2021   0 Comments


Role of Tribology in Performance of Miniaturized Electrical Motors

Tribology is the multi-disciplinary subject that deals with wear and friction of the surfaces in motion. Miniaturized electrical motors contain tribological components like sliding contacts (brushes), rolling contacts (ball bearings and bush bearings), damping rings, seals, washers and gears. These tribological components tend to fail before other components of the motor mainly because of friction and wear. Thus, life of the motor is very much dependent on the performance of the tribological components. Let’s look at a few tribological motor components which impact overall life.

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Topics: motor brush wear, motor commutation

New Engineering Lab at Portescap Now Open

Posted by Prasad Sinor   Oct 25, 2021   0 Comments

New Engineering Lab at Portescap Now Open

After a year in the making, Portescap is pleased to announce the opening of our newest Engineering Lab in our Mumbai, India office. Our team worked very diligently over the past year, including planning, shifting of existing equipment, procurement of new equipment and installation. Our new lab will provide our engineers with improved tools and procedures, including enhanced Analysis & Reliability test capabilities.

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Topics: Industrial Power Tools, proof of concept motors, Medical Infusion Systems, rapid prototyping

What to look for in a Miniature Motor when Designing your Next Robotic Application

Posted by Portescap   Oct 20, 2021   0 Comments

What to look for in a Miniature Motor When Designing Your Next Robotic Application

Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence are driving innovation in robotics. New developments in vision systems and sensor technologies require inventive applications for robots in the medical, warehousing, security and process automaton fields. These disruptive technologies are are creating new opportunities for miniature motors in the medical, warehousing, security and process automation fields.

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Topics: Automation, Robotics, electric motors, brushed DC motors, brushless DC coreless

Choosing a Motor for Electronic Pipettes

Posted by Valentin Raschke   Oct 12, 2021   0 Comments

Choosing a Motor for Electronic Pipettes


When it comes to dispensing a specific volume of liquid in a lab environment, pipettes are essential. Electronic air displacement pipettes have taken the lead due to the needfor a high level of precision and accuracy required for repeated use over a periodof time. With the improvement of a digital interface for adjusting aspiration or dispensing, electronic pipettes offer a huge advantage and relief from ergonomic methods.

The motor is the key element in the design. When design engineers specify a motor    they must consider factors such as motor power, size and weight, and control electronics. Let’s look at the two most considered motor options - stepper motors and DC motors to help determine the fit for your application.

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Topics: miniature motors, Stepper Motors, Brush DC Motors, Portescap, brushless DC motor, pipettes, laboratories, accuracy, precision, automated systems

Reducing Surgical Hand Tool Size Without Sacrificing Performance

Posted by William Huang   Oct 07, 2021   0 Comments

Reducing Surgical Hand Tool Size Without Sacrificing Performance

For the surgical hand tool designer looking to deliver all of the performance objectives in the most sleek and lightweight package possible, the choice of electric motor is a key consideration.

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Topics: miniature motors, Surgical Motor Solutions, BLDC Motors, Brushless DC motors, surgical hand tool design, precision manufacturing, surgical instruments, hand tool manufacturing

Brushless DC Motion Solutions for Medical Disposable Tools

Posted by Sunil Kumar   Oct 04, 2021   0 Comments

Disposable Medical Tools for Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Selecting the Optimum BLDC Motion Solution


Minimally invasive surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is performed through tiny incisions instead of a large opening in the body. Portescap’s focus over the past few years has been to design and develop innovative motion solutions for minimally invasive medical tools for treating various diseases.

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Mini Motors for Drone Applications

Posted by Vishal Sapale   Oct 01, 2021   0 Comments

Motors for Drone Applications

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, as they are generally known, are becoming more common. This technology is adding value in many markets including aerospace and defense, agriculture, surveillance and even e-commerce.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense

Commutated Resistance Change of DC Motors

Posted by Bill Burton   Sep 30, 2021   0 Comments

Commutated Resistance Change of Portescap Brush DC Motors


For a one brush pair Portescap DC motor, the catalog value for resistance is specified assuming that all coils are active (that is, no coil is short circuited by the brush, which would occur if the brush were simultaneously touching two commutator segments).

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