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Choosing a Motor for Electronic Pipettes

Posted by Valentin Raschke   Oct 12, 2021

Choosing a Motor for Electronic Pipettes


When it comes to dispensing a specific volume of liquid in a lab environment, pipettes are essential. Electronic air displacement pipettes have taken the lead due to the needfor a high level of precision and accuracy required for repeated use over a periodof time. With the improvement of a digital interface for adjusting aspiration or dispensing, electronic pipettes offer a huge advantage and relief from ergonomic methods.

The motor is the key element in the design. When design engineers specify a motor    they must consider factors such as motor power, size and weight, and control electronics. Let’s look at the two most considered motor options - stepper motors and DC motors to help determine the fit for your application.

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Topics: miniature motors, Stepper Motors, Brush DC Motors, Portescap, brushless DC motor, pipettes, laboratories, accuracy, precision, automated systems

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