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Portescap Design Partnership Among Multiple Stakeholders

Posted by Brandon Steinberg   Apr 23, 2021   0 Comments

Portescap Design Partnership Among Multiple Stakeholders

Medical device development normally involves the coordination of many stakeholders. Original equipment or device manufacturers (OEMs or ODMs) are increasingly utilizing design and manufacturing partners to develop and launch their products. Additionally, start-up companies typically work with investors and incubators to support their nascent businesses. All of these stakeholders add value to the development process, but they also bring unique needs and goals for the project that an OEM or ODM must accommodate.

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Brushless DC Motors Achieve ISO 13485 Certification

Posted by Portescap   Feb 12, 2021   0 Comments

Brushless DC Motors Achieve ISO 13485 Certification for Respirators

 We’re excited to announce that our slotless brushless DC motors for respirators have recently received ISO 13485:2016 certification. Thanks to this compliance, medical device original equipment manufacturers (OEM) can be confident their motion control system has been manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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Selecting the Optimum Motion Technology for Your Application

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer   Feb 15, 2019   1 Comments

As a design engineer, there is always excitement when you get to work on new product development. But when you get to the motion portion of the design, there are several technologies to consider, primarily Brushless DC, Coreless DC and Stepper. Which technology is best and where do you start? The challenge can be difficult as there are several factors to consider including output speed, torque, lifetime, mechanical envelope, noise, weight, cost and precision. It is not practical to analyze, purchase and test multiple technologies as this would be expensive and time consuming. Fortunately, there are guidelines that can assist in the initial review of the different technologies to narrow the selection.  

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