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40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Posted by Guillaume Mougin   May 27, 2021   0 Comments

Cost Optimized 40mm Brushless DC Slotless Motors

Portescap is introducing a new cost-optimized brushless DC slotless motors in 40mm diameter. This 4-pole motor offers both high speed and high peak torque capability without compromising on the smooth operation and long life.

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Topics: Industrial Power Tools, BLDC Motors

Brushless DC Motors Let You Avoid Having To Compromise On Performance For Low Voltage Battery Powered Tools

Posted by Guillaume Mougin   Aug 11, 2020   0 Comments

Today’s most challenging battery-operated tools require power, speed, and efficiency within the most ergonomic package. Studies have proven that users prefer a smaller and lighter tool with a high level of performance. The ergonomics needs have tremendously increased in the last few years to highlight operator comfort and efficiency while using battery-powered tools.  

There are multiple ways to lighten the tool. For example, we recognize the battery of the tool as one of the heaviest components, therefore the trend is to reduce the battery size. Lowering the battery size will affect the number of cells and thus the voltage: The smaller the battery, the lower voltage.

Industrial power tools support the increase in productivity while remaining versatile. We achieve productivity gains thanks to faster working cycles, so the tool should deliver higher speeds. We derive versatility from an increased torque capacity. 

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Topics: Automation, Industrial Power Tools, BLDC Motors