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Motion in Dental Applications

Posted by Clemence Muron   Jun 08, 2021   0 Comments

Motion in Dental Applications

The dental market is growing. An aging population and greater demands for cosmetic dentistry are some of the factors driving this growth.

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Topics: Medical & Diagnostics

Convert Rotary Motion Into Linear Motion With These Options

Posted by Clemence Muron   May 11, 2021   0 Comments

When it comes to motion for handheld and miniature medical device designs, a standard electrical mini motor may seem like a good starting point. But while a miniature motor generates rotary movement, applications like medical pipettes or syringes, and mesotherapy devices often move loads linearly instead of rotationally. For these medical tools as well as some industrial devices, engineers must develop their own system to translate rotary motion into linear motion. Here are some of the basics to understand when considering your linear motion options.

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Topics: Medical & Diagnostics, Custom motors, Stepper Motors