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Introducing Portescap's Latest 20mm and 32mm Flat Brushless Slotted Motors

Posted by Sunil Kumar   Apr 07, 2022

Motion Innovations in Action: Introducing Portescap's Latest 20mm and 32mm Brushless Slotted Flat Motors

Innovation is always in motion at Portescap, and the latest additions to the brushless slotted motors lineup illustrate just that. Introducing the 20mm and 32mm BLDC motors with outer rotor slotted technology, which continue to address a key customer requirement for miniature motors that are performance-driven but that simultaneously excel in environments with constrained space. Let’s explore these newest innovations:

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Topics: Brushless DC motors, brushless slotted motors

Brushless DC Motion Solutions for Medical Disposable Tools

Posted by Sunil Kumar   Oct 04, 2021

Disposable Medical Tools for Minimally Invasive Surgeries: Selecting the Optimum BLDC Motion Solution


Minimally invasive surgery refers to any surgical procedure that is performed through tiny incisions instead of a large opening in the body. Portescap’s focus over the past few years has been to design and develop innovative motion solutions for minimally invasive medical tools for treating various diseases.

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Topics: Medical

Selecting the Optimum Flat Motor Technologies For Your Application

Posted by Sunil Kumar   Jul 15, 2021

Selecting the Optimum Flat Motor Technologies For Your Application

Many applications today have critical space constraints and require flat motor solutions. However it is not always obvious what technology would work best in this type of situation while still being able to meet performance requirements. Typically, the speed-torque criteria can help provide a guide on what technology may be optimal for the given application. Let’s explore the various technologies available for flat motors depending on design requirements.

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Topics: miniature motors, Brush DC Motors, BLDC Motors

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