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Andrew is an Electrical Engineer at Portescap US office.

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Sterilizable Encoders and BLDC Motors Drive Surgical Hand Tool Advances

Posted by Andrew Sharp   Sep 28, 2021   0 Comments

Sterilizable Encoders and BLDC Motors Drive Surgical Hand Tool Advances


 As handheld surgical tools gain wider adoption, there’s a growing demand for smaller, lightweight devices that can offer more capability and precise motion profiles. When it comes to brushless DC motors (BLDC) commonly used in handheld surgical tools, magnetic encoders provide the high-resolution feedback that makes high-performance drive systems possible, and they offer many benefits. However, not all encoder/feedback technologies are the same.  Here are some situations that call for an encoder as part of a drive system:

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Topics: BLDC Motors, Encoders, feedback sensors, motion system, brushless DC motor, angular position control, torque control, integrated BLDC motor and encoder, surgical hand tools, magnetic encoders, motor feedback, high resolution feedback, motor position, velocity control, motor control, motion control

Portescap’s Brushless Slotted DC Motor Testing Capabilities

Posted by Andrew Sharp   Sep 20, 2016   0 Comments


Portescap’s miniature motors are often used by medical tool and device manufacturers and OEMs, in highly demanding end applications. An in-house testing process is sometimes required to further validate and confirm the design process. We’d like to give you a glimpse into Portescap’s motor testing capabilities for brushless slotted DC motors.

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Topics: Medical & Diagnostics, Automation, Surgical Motor Solutions, BLDC Motors

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