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Portescap Introduces New P532 Motor Series for Best-in-class Power Rate and Acceleration

Posted by Dave Beckstoffer

Dec 21, 2015

Portescap has recently introduced the P532 Series Disc Magnet Step Motor with encoder to deliver best-in-class motor acceleration and power rate and thus outperform the standard Brushless DC motor in a wide range of applications.

Stepper motors typically run at 2,000 RPM or less in an open loop, while brushless motors that can run at much higher speeds are typically used in closed loop applications. In the last few years, trend is to use a stepper motor in closed loop with a torque higher than a brushless motor system, because of its higher pole count. What we are typically looking at is the middle range of revolutions per minute [RPM] as a sweet spot for disc magnet motors. The sweet spot opens up in applications in the few thousand RPM range, where a closed loop disc magnet motor system can be more cost-effective than a brushless solution.

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Topics: Medical & Diagnostics, Instrumentation, Automation

Miniature Motors for Medical Ventilation

Posted by Loic Lachenal

Nov 25, 2015


The medical sector today mandates mechanical ventilation in cases where a patient's spontaneous ventilation is inadequate to maintain life. This is done to prevent an imminent collapse of other physiological functions, or ineffective gas exchange in the lungs. Mechanical ventilation therapies in hospitals and in the field have contributed to dramatic improvement in life expectancy of patients during and after surgeries, or patients suffering from accidental disruption of lungs, or even patients suffering from acute chronic pulmonary diseases. More recently, home care applications previously considered as luxury or comfort therapies are showing an interest in race to extend people’s life. For instance, low end mechanical ventilators devices known as CPAP are used at night to treat sleep apnea, a disorder once considered to be a simple discomfort and which is now recognized as a source of major medical complications such as increased blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

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Topics: Medical & Diagnostics

Stepper Linear Actuators Simplified

Posted by Portescap

Oct 27, 2015

What is a “linear actuator”? It is actually a simple stepper motor with a built-in leadscrew to directly convert rotary motion in form of discrete steps, into linear motion. Achieving linear motion internal to the motor eliminates the cost of designing a separate transmission mechanism in the system.

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Miniature Motor Driveline Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Posted by Jigar Fulia

Oct 15, 2015

The technology world is rapidly adapting to miniaturization, with terms like “Micro”, “Nano” and even “Pico” increasingly in vogue. This has created an immense need for anything that can provide packaged products in smallest possible sizes, and miniature motor solutions play a critical role in addressing this need. With a growing number of applications, these motors now need a wide range of capabilities, from working in a simple office to functioning in extremely hazardous environments. An application demand from Aerospace & Defense (A & D) industry falls in the latter category. Stepper motors play an important role for any A&D application need that requires some precise positioning.

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Topics: Aerospace & Defense